It seems that Dropload got mentioned somewhere big (I think Lockergnome or a related Chris thing since a few people needing tech support in the past couple of days have mentioned Chris having told them) and we're getting tons of new subscribers to the service.

A couple of things about this influx:

  1. AOL users still enter their screename when they mean to enter their email address when signing up for things
  2. We're at 22,000 registered users and climbing rapidly
  3. We'll break 100,000 files transferred by the weekend
  4. Average file size transferred: 6.7 megs
  5. People with .nl at the end of their domain name trade a lot of porn
  6. Some of my co-workers use it for work. It's really cool to have them stop me in the kitchen and tell me how much they like it.
  7. If I had a dollar for every person that signed up...