What I like about the beta version of gmail:

  1. The conversation format is an obvious natural evolution of email. I've seen a few mail clients attempt it through threading and grouping, but I've never seen it done as well as this.
  2. Secure server access. You can go to https://gmail.google.com/ and conduct your session securely.
  3. Labels versus folders. Instead of making folders to hold individual messages (Did I put that message in the "Namco" folder or in the "System Admin" folder?) all messages live in your inbox and can be filtered by labels you assign or auto-assign to them.
  4. The key commands, are inspired by vi. I wasn't sure whether to put this on my like or dislike list, it's too fashionable to bash vi, so I'll put it here, it's cute. ("bash vi"...Unix jokes never die)
  5. Purely from a technical standpoint, I love the use of JavaScript to make this work more like an app and less like a web app. Or, as some have suggested, to thwart scripted automation from 3rd party clients. Either way, it's an impressive feat and I applaud anyone who attempts that kind of stuff.
  6. One gigabyte of saved email. That's incredible. At the very least set up a double forward to archive all your messages for easy searching later.
  7. Plus Addressing

What I dislike about beta version of gmail:

  1. No remote POP access. If I can't access my gmail from any web browser, then I should at least be able to do it from a POP client.
  2. No POP access from within gmail. I want to connect gmail to my other POP accounts.
  3. I had to use andre.torrez@gmail.com because both 'andre' and 'torrez' were not available. I know this is a silly thing to complain about, but keee-rist you'd think the least I could get for being in on the beta is a super-hot vanity address. Okay, someone explained to me that a spammer would just run through common names @gmail.com so they have a list that is not allowed. Makes sense.

Weird moment using the beta version of gmail

  1. Going to https://www.google.com/accounts/ManageAccount to manage my "account".

I am sure I'll keep updating this as I find new things.

Update (04/23/04): It looks like GMail now works in Safari. Hooray.